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The first experience allowing you to meet Peach Stars

(like Little Caprice, Agatha Vega or Cléa Gauthier) 

during unique and entertaining events

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Agatha Vega Nici dee Sofi vega and ariana van x wearing peach farmer merch

What if you could meet them?

little caprice peachfarmer

Little Caprice

Sabrisse peach farmer


dominika peachfarmer


sofi vega peach farmer

Sofi Vega

Nici peachfarmer


Ariana Van X Peach Farmer

Ariana Van X

Cléa Gaultier

Clea Gaultier

Agatha Vega peach farmer

Agatha Vega

Baby nicols peachfarmer

Baby Nicols

Eve Sweet peach farmer

Eve Sweet

tiffany tatum peach farmer

Tiffany Tatum

Lola Bellucci Peach Farmer

Lola Belluci

At Peach Farmer, we're breaking down stereotypes by showcasing the Peach Stars of our ecosystem through fun and educational content (no p***) while providing an exclusive experience for our community of over 11 945 Farmers.


Each season, players must collect as many cards as possible to increase their chances of participating in events. Each card you own can give you various advantages within our ecosystem.


"You have to live it to believe it"

thumbail peach experience

Peach Farmer organizes different events for you: exclusive parties, weekends in a villa and not to mention... the Peach Games!

peach games

The Peach Games are the main show of Peach Farmer: a unique encounter between Peach Stars and Farmers in a hot competition for your pleasure.

Peach party

All events, including Peach Parties, will be held regularly for the community. The goal is simple: to have an amazing time and make a lasting memory.

Catch them all!

Peach Farmer is divided into several seasons of a few days during which you have to collect 24 cards of your favorite Peach.

Little caprice peach farmer common card
little caprice peach farmer rare card
Little Caprice peach farmer epic card

Two special cards to be won...

The Royal

Get your "Royal" by completing your season collection and before they are sold out.


Influence the show to enjoy it even more
Get early access to the Peach Games videos
Earn Peach tokens to spend them in the ecosystem
Vote on project proposals (the location of the next event, guests, concepts...)
Purchase Peach "merch" (t-shirts, caps, towels...)
Bet on the winners of the next Peach Games

Limited quantity of Royals per season

The Legendary

Each of your cards gives you a chance to win the "Legendary". The lottery of each season determines the winner randomly.


Enjoy an exclusive experience during the next Peach Games (all expenses paid)
Invite the person of your choice (a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your crush...) to come with you to the Peach Games
Participate in each event with the "VIP" status
Meet Peach Stars or other celebrities during the events
Receive free Peach "merch" (t-shirts, caps, towels...)

Only two Legendaries per season

Enjoy their benefits or sell them

You can keep these two special cards or sell to the highest bidder if you no longer wish to take advantage of their benefits:

If you'd rather make some cash with your card, sell it to someone.

If you want to come to the next Peach Games, but you haven't earned the Legendary, try to buy it from its owner.

If you want to have more Royales to enjoy even more of their benefits, buy them from those who want to sell them.

These are your cards, you fix their price

Royals and Legendary can be exchanged at any time, take advantage of the most attractive offer...

Season #04 has started

Join the Peach Farmer platform for free and get your first card right after you register.

Get my free card

Registration is 100% free, simple and takes less time than checking out the Instagram profiles of our favorite Peach Stars.

You are always winning

earn royalties coin flipping

Each of your cards has value and the rarer they are, the more they are worth.
Indeed, all the cards have a value in "Peach Coins" and these can be traded to generate those tokens.

As the project develops, we want to make it possible to spend your Peach Coins in different ways (purchase of Peach Farmer merchandise, governance of the project, investment...).

Our latest events

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Our mission is simple yet ambitious: Destroy prejudices by putting the spotlight on The Peach stars through fun content & an exclusive experience.

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Our mission is simple yet ambitious : Destroy prejudices by putting the spotlight on The Peach stars through fun content & an exclusive experience.

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